17 October 2018

LiquidRemix Pie rom on Xiaomi Mi A1 with Stock GApps and Google Camera

If you want to successfully flash your Xiaomi Mi A1 with LiquidRemix Pie rom, with GApps ARM64 9.0 Stock edition and Google Camera, then follow this procedure:

- After flashing XDA flash procedure and first bootup, disable and root uninstall preinstalled Google Camera.
- Then with Magisk Manager install Google_Cam_Fix_for_LineageOS_v1.0 module and restart phone
- Now you could install  GoogleCamera-Pixel2Mod-Arnova8G2-V8.2.apk successfully.
- And finally, you could install Pixel 3 Wallpapers (com.breel.wallpapers18_9.apk).
- After that, everything is like Pixel Expirience with most customisation from this great rom, like Double Tap to Sleep, Double Tap to Wake, Google Assistent e.t.c. ;)

P.S. from XDA: You can use GApps Aroma edition. It allows you to modify the package before flash, so you don't have to uninstall gcam from gapps package and also uncheck any other gapps pre-installed you didn't want to shrink system size.

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