23 November 2012

Fixing VirtualBox on Ubuntu 12.10

I installed VirtuaBox (4.1.18) on Ubuntu 12.10 (host os) so I can install Windows 8 (guest os) and use Microsoft office products as they are way superior to LibreOffice. Anyway, as soon as I opened Virtualbox, it came up with the error message, "Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)"

Well, after browsing for hours, I found a way to fix the issue. I just had to use the following commands.

        sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

        sudo apt-get remove virtualbox-dkms

        sudo apt-get install virtualbox-dkms

Furthermore, after installing Windows 8 as a guest os and after installing guest additions, I wasn't able to enable "Switch to seamless mode", so I wasn't able to set the resolution to 1366x768 and I had to stick with 1024x768. Finally I found a workaround for that problem too. I had to use the command,

         sudo vboxmanage setextradata global GUI/MaxGuestResolution any

Hope this information will be useful for other Ubuntu users.

from xchamitha blog: Fixing VirtualBox on Ubuntu 12.10