28 June 2010

Return of the Delphi - RAD Studio Roadmap 2010

Embarcadero has published the new RAD Studio Roadmap. This Roadmap includes information on the upcoming :

- Delphi Fulcrum, supporting both Windows and Mac OS X application development,
- Delphi Wheelhouse (adding Linux support),
- the 64-bits Compiler Preview (early 2011),
- Delphi Commodore (the full 64-bits version) and
- project Chromium.


So, Delphi is still very alive and he has bright future :-)

09 June 2010

Ubuntu - Enable root account


Under Ubuntu the access to root account is only blocked and only the sudo/gksu commands allow the use of features as superuser.

To enable the root account and access directly via the console in root mode, you must type the command:

$ sudo passwd root

This command allows you to set up the password modefor the root user which will be activate for the console sessions only (no GUI). Once the password is initialized, it will be possible to open a console session with the user root.

To enable access to the graphical user root, go to System/Administration/Login, click the Security tab, then tick the box allow connection of the local System Administrator.
Disconnect and reconnect with the root account.

04 June 2010

How I became a software developer

(Original document translated from Google Translate service)

Today I stumbled across one of my old document, which is made at 2001 year. It's nice to remember the beginnings of programming, and save it from oblivion in this blog ...

"Therefore, development of application software, I started my first project for NET 1.0 Gallery Gallery Serbian Matica. That May 1995. The MS Windows was in the early stages, the version 3.x. Developer tools are just be in sight, and the only current tools for visual programming, MS Visual Basic 3, is suggested as a natural environment. Discuss the project in principle: MS Access basic foundation + MS Visual Basic user interface.

Unfortunately, during the beta test installation, the user began to appear progressive performance problems in database, so I have almost completed the project, switched to MS FoxPro 2.6 for Windows. The main reason was, then superniorni Rushmore principle of processing base, which is impressive given the speed performance of large amounts of data.

Just going to be the main reason for the continued development of the next Windows 21 applications, the same tool. Although MS FoxPro four 16-bit Windows development platform, with some elements of visual programming, the appearance of 32-bit MS Windows 95, software developed in it is still work consistently.

Well aware of the base set of the project, as a prerequisite for successful application, ready to meet the specific requirements of one or more users, through endless changes of the same, we've been through MS FoxPro to support fully, but with a lack of - the data dictionary as the central place of the application, because What is MS FoxPro and did not consider the relational database. The need for standardization of software, through an executable code on all installations stressed the need for restructuring projects.

Then is born the concept NETIS (NET Information System - oa), the internal complement Fox's environment, which is concerned with referential integrity of all podaka, regardless of application or user. This setting and return to the DOS platform, through MS FoxPro 2.6 for DOS, where the development of applications has continued to this important reinforcement. I programmed in this phase, just 4 DOS applications, mostly from aversion to outdated operating system.

Although at the time, MS-DOS platform was largely downward path, before coming technologies MS Windows (9x, NT - oa.a), in our business environment, many users are shown as jefinije information solution. Therefore, the sector continued to develop parallel applications to the MS-DOS and MS Windows, identical versions through MS FoxPro a 2.6. It should be noted that the migration project from one platform to another was completely transparent.

However, at one point, the appearance of MS Windows NT platform, is starting to cause some functional problems in inconsistent work MS FoxPro 2.x applications (distorted preview data and the like. - Oa). Aware of limitations of 16-bit development tools, we set out to investigate the current offer RAD software. Microsoft has released Visual FoxPro 3, but the expected continuation of the work involved in it reprojektovanje base basis, redesigned user interface, prekodiranje application, in one word - reprogramming the entire project. MS FoxPro has become the object-oriented relational database, but still as translator pseudo code.

When we saw that we will move to 32-bit development platform, the cost of re-setting concepts of programming, we decided to use Borland Delphi, then and now, the undisputed Windows compiler, object-oriented RAD (Rapid Application Development - oa), with built-in mechanisms relational database (Paradox look through records - oa). Openness of its architecture to third-party data types (dBase, FoxPro, Access, Informix, SQL Server, Oracle, etc. - oa), through the ODBC (Open DataBase Conect - OA) or ADO (Advanced Data Objects - oa) concept, was the only reason for to convince us the development environment. We have not repented, because it takes programming to date.

At that time I coded 14 Client / Server applications, traditional accounting packages (Personnel, Finance and so on. - Oa), which krojenih to specific customer requirements (Plan, Action, Information, and the like. - Oa). Unlimited programming in Borland Delphi-ju, in terms of choice of many different types of Windows applications, basic or not, only strengthened his position as a parameter of quality tooling, primarily for developers, and then for the end user.

During this period raises the NETIS 2 concept. It contained the full use of the principles of object-oriented programming through class inheritance and instance. Molds are born blank application, ready for the concrete faster in real project. This review NETIS standards, the emphasis is moved from the core dictionary data base and the user interface and the class form. We are also with the concept of security relations within the database (NETIS) move to a faster generation of end-user interface (NETIS2) of the same.

It should be noted, and more current trend in working with databases. The previous record formats (FoxPro, Paradox, Access, etc.. - Oa) have been shown to be local variations, or for relatively small networks (up to 5 computers - oa). The real Client / Server concept, the emergence of strong hardware configuration (Pentium, etc.. - Oa) and stable operating system (Microsoft Windows 2000, XP - oa) performance of large databases, such as MS SQL Server, become satisfactory for quality use regardless of the number of clients in the network. In this segment, and began development of a new generation NETIS, under Specification: MS SQL Server - Base base + Borland Delphi - user interface. Development of this platform is applicable in progress, through the set, but not completed projects accounting standard applications (financial, Goods, etc.. - Oa).

The issue of incomplete applications treated as the inevitable nature of the work I performed on this job. Simply put, there are always projects that are in its infancy (eg NETIS Staff XP - oa), applications whose development is well underway (eg NETIS Financial Accounting 2000 - OA), installations that are in the full implementation of the frequency user requirements (eg . NETIS Ramp 2001 - OA). More and more the impression that the work on a project finished when the user ceases to occur.

The advent of the Internet, the sector expanded its work to create a web site, and through those of static HTML (umetnost.co.yu - oa) with JavaScript and dynamic gain (pkv.co.yu - oa). In that sense, and use two tools: MS FrontPage and Macromedia UltraDev Dreamveawer (dictated by the Internet provider - oa). In this field, I realized 2 Internet applications, according to these structures. This segment of activities, programming moves to the design, a creative step forward in previous work. These applications are easy to maintain, and rarely lead to problems in their operation, which is why this field of application activity as one of the strategic direction ..."

Today I work in the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina. I still associate with the Delphi programming tool, you need to create a classic MS Windows desktop application.

I discovered the world of open source, Linux, php CMS system which makes extensive use of maintaining a corporate portal at www.pkv.rs. I also addressed in the Microsoft side of the same CMS stories, through the MS SharePoint Portal Server for our Intranet needs.

In my free programming time fascinated me Java Micro Edition, MS Visual Studio for Windows Phone, as well as fresh new Android platform, and everything related to the SmartPhone concept ...