22 April 2013

MS Access : Wizard isn't installed or has been disabled.

When I discover that none of the MS Access wizards are working, first noticed it when I tried to run the Query wizard. Form and Report wizards also do not work.

The error I get when trying to link tables is: "The Wizard you've requested is not installed or is in a bad state. Please install or reinstall the wizard. If you do not have permissions to do this on your computer see your system Administrator."

For the Report or Query wizard the message is: "This feature isn't installed or has been disabled."

I did an Office Diagnostic and a Repair installation. Neither helped. I've been doing some searching on the Internet and found this tip:

Remove folder : C:/Program Files/Common Files/Microsoft Shared/VBA/VBA6 (apparently MS Access 2010 creates it). After deleting that folder, I launched MS Access 2010, and automatically, some repair process started, which thankfully, fixed this frustrating problem.

Now, all my Wizards are working again. :-)

09 April 2013

Lockscreen Policy - Disable Android 4.2 Lockscreen Widgets and Camera

Install application Lockscreen Policy from Google Play to get rid of widgets and camera on the Android 4.2 lockscreen.

P.S.: from XDA Developers

XDA: NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10.1 - 2G/3G signal indicator

To correct signal strength indicator change line in /system/build.prop to ro.telephony.ril.v3=signalstrength,singlepdp,apptypesim

P.S.: Download BuildProp editor from Play Store and edit it the easy way.