20 May 2010

MS HotFix for problem with 1 year recurrences synchronization (Pocket Outlook - ActiveSync - MS Outlook 2007)

I experiencing problem with Pocket Outlook and MS Outlook 2007 synchronization. Problem is that appointments which has recurrence set to 1 year like birthdays, anniversaries ... are correctly transferred from PC -> PDA (when edited by MS Outlook 2007), but when I made some modification to such appointments in PDA with Pocket Outlook (for example changing reminder time, name, ...) then after next synchronization when changes from PDA -> PC were sent the 1 year recurrence is changed to 12 years!!! And the worst and most frustrating thing is that when I synchronizing between two PCs then all appointments with such settings are changed from 1 year to 12 years!!!

Here is a hotfix that is supposed to fix the 12 year problem that has been driving me crazy:


19 May 2010

HTC Touch Pro TAEL ROM My Location fix

In some cases, brilliant TAEL ROM don't update weather for My Location...

It did not work at all regardless of the many ROMs tried so I figured it must be my phone company blocking the Weather updating...... After much trial and error I discovered my phone company configuration through "Connection Setup" is putting in a proxy server on the internet connection settings... By simply unticking the proxy it works now AWESOME!!.... Everything else seems fine, and the proxy dosent seen to be needed...