27 July 2017

UEFI vs Legacy BIOS mode on Windows 10 SSD

In my opinion and after real experience in both cases, I must admit that Legacy BIOS mode is FASTER then UEFI BIOS, because UEFI use additional partition on SSD, which slows down performance of Windows 10.

Maybe, measuring boot times goes on UEFI side, but after that, performance of Windows is significantly faster with Legacy BIOS mode.

Your BIOS mode you can check with Run command : msinfo32. 

How to setup Unicode fields and variables in Delphi with UniDAC and MS SQL Server

To get Unicode characters in Delphi UniDAC and other controls you must convert next database field types :
  • Char -> NChar
  • VarChar -> NVarChar
  • Clob -> NClob
You can convert those fields automatic with ESF Database Migration Toolkit and in the "Data Type" page of "Setting" dialog: Checking "Transfer To National Type".

Also, then in Delphi you have to convert all database fields and code variable types :
  • String -> WideString
And after that actions - you will get full Unicode in all UniDac and other controls, even in design mode.