09 September 2013

Setup Screen Saver in Ubuntu

To Setup screen saver in Ubuntu type in Terminal:

sudo apt-get remove gnome-screensaver
sudo apt-get install xscreensaver xscreensaver-data-extra xscreensaver-gl-extra

To configure your screensaver

After installation, perform a search in the Dash for Screensaver. Launch the Screensaver utility and use it to configure XScreenSaver and select your screensaver settings.

03 September 2013

Install OpenERP in Ubuntu 13.04

To install OpenERP CMS in Ubuntu 13.04:

1. Add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb http://nightly.openerp.com/7.0/nightly/deb/ ./

2. Type in Terminal:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openerp

3. Type in Terminal:
sudo -u postgres createuser -s openerp

Than you can see installed OpenERP CMS on adress:

The PostgreSQL host configuration file was not found on your system

If you get message in ubuntu 13.04 webmin 1.650 for the PostgreSQL 9.1 module: host configuration file /etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf was not found on your system...

Modify > Paths to host access config file, in module configuration on :