19 October 2004

MS Windows XP - change boot picture

This is cool! Mark Russinovich just "discoverd" a new boot.ini switch for winXP and 2003.

Use this switch to have Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 display an installable splash screen instead of the standard splash screen. First, create a 16-color (any 16 colors) 640x480 bitmap and save it in the Windows directory with the name Boot.bmp. Then add "/bootlogo /noguiboot" to the boot.ini selection.

09 October 2004

JDataStore 7 - developer license

you will have to extract the jdatastore.license file out of the
original jdsserver.jar and add it to your /lib folder.

06 October 2004

Borland JBuilder 2005 on Java 5 - guide

There are several steps to make JB2005 run on JRE1.5rc, instead of using its default JRE1.4.

Firstly, modify JBUILDER\bin\jdk.config, as the following:
#javahome ../jdk1.4/
javahome C:/jdk1.5.0/

#addpath ../jdk1.4/lib/tools.jar
addpath C:/jdk1.5.0/lib/tools.jar
addpath apache.jar

vmparam -Dswing.aatext=true
Notice we have another apache.jar. This is because in JRE1.5 Sun has changed package org.apache.* to com.sun.org.apache.*.internal, which makes JB cannot find the appropriate package, and throw exceptions, which will stop JB's starting-up. Sun's solution is recoding the source, which ofcoz not works in our circumstance. So i extract J2RE1.4.2's rt.jar (in JRE1.4.2/lib), pull out org/apache/, and compress it to be apache.jar. Then i put it into JBUILDER/bin.
Now its time to launch JB on JRE1.5rc! Enjoy!

Another thing: due to the changes made in LandF part in Swing of JRE1.5rc, JB cannot use Windows LF. Instead, i use Borland LF. It's also nice enough for me! Hope somebody could fix this. Also i want to use JRE1.5's default LF in JB, because it is very convenient to view, at least much better than the 1.4's default Metal LF!