12 October 2012

Cyanogenmod Partitioning SD Card

Partition the SD card
- Scroll down, and select “Advanced”
- Select “Partition SD Card
- Choose your Ext Size (I recommend choosing half of the storage space that your card is.
   - For a 256mb card, select 128M
   - For a 512mb card, select 256M
   - For a 1gb card, select 512M
   - For a 2gb card, select 1024M
   - For a 4gb card, select 2048M
   - For a 8gb card, select 4096M
- any memory card higher than this will not be partitioned, the phone will not be able to read it properly, but I would recommend an 8gb card, and if you have any smaller than 1gb, I wouldn’t even bother wasting your time – but go ahead if you wish.
- Now it will ask you what Swap size you want:
   - If you have a 256mb or a 512mb card, select 0M.
   - If you have a 1gb or a 2gb card, select 32M.
   - If you have a 4gb or a 8gb card, select 64M.
- If it asks to confirm, select yes, now wait for a few minutes, and reboot
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