28 October 2013

How to force full sync and have good old SkyDrive in MS Windows 8.1 (syncDriver)

I tried to find the way to force MS Windows 8.1 for full sync of my SkyDrive, because SkyDrive desktop version and notification tray icon is disappeared in 8.1 version of operating system.

Microsoft claims that these new SkyDrive brings smart files in a heart of a system, but smart sync is disappear. After reading many sites, forums and blogs, I finally find one small utility syncDriver which is free for personal use and does missing job perfectly.

"syncDriver is a desktop application that serves as client software for Microsoft SkyDrive cloud file storage solution. syncDriver maps a local folder of your choice to the SkyDrive root directory and keeps these two in sync. Whenever a file is modified locally on your computer, it gets uploaded to SkyDrive. If a file is uploaded or modified in SkyDrive, syncDriver notices that and downloads the file."

The sweetest feature is that program can map drive letter as virtual local drive. And there is a tray icon, too. Brilliant. I suggest this small efective tool to everyone who needs good old SkyDrive on MS Windows 8.1.
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