15 July 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 : Manual installation of Libre Office 4

Download latest Libre Office from :

To install LibreOffice 4 you will need to remove all previous versions.
sudo apt-get remove --purge libreoffice-core libreoffice-common
sudo apt-get autoremove --purge

Extract the files:

cd to the Downloads directory: cd Downloads

Extract the tar.gz:

For 64 bit:
tar -xvzf LibreOffice_4.0.3_Linux_x86-64_deb.tar.gz

For 32 bit:
tar -xvzf LibreOffice_4.0.3_Linux_x86_deb.tar.gz

Install the program:

cd to the programs folder:

For 64 bit:
cd LibreOffice_4.0.3.3_Linux_x86-64_deb/DEBS

For 32 bit:
cd LibreOffice_4.0.3.3_Linux_x86_deb/DEBS

Install part one (for both 32 and 64 bit):
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Install the desktop integration (again for 32 and 64 bit):
cd desktop-integration
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

You're done!

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