29 September 2010

How to import Google Earth POI.KML file into IGO8

POI (from POIplaza)

1 Turn off the write protection of the Dreimgo Memory Card.
2 Connect the memory card or the navigation device to PC,
then create the following path on the memory card: igo8/content/userdata/POI.
3 Download, unzip and copy the the downloaded .kml files to the above map.
4 Restart your navigation device.
5 Run the navigation software and swich to Advanced mode. Choose the Manage POI icon.
6 Choose downloaded POIs (kml file); then choose Edit and set the distance of POI icon visibility.
The default icon is Google Earth’s globe.
7 In the Navigation menu choose Find POI, and choose as Destination.

Note: some POIs might not be reachable on the map, if the map is not detailed enough.

Speedcam iGO8

1 Download as speedcam the iGO8_txt.zip file to a folder on your PC.
2 Unzip the two files, speedcam.txt and POIplaza-iG08 Notes.txt.
3 Copy the speedcam.txt file to the Storage card/igo8/content/speedcam.
4 Restart iGO8, the file will automatically update the database.
5 There will now be three files in the speedcam directory, speedcam.spdb, speedcam.txt and SpeedcamUpdates.spud.
6 Allow the device to detect a GPS signal. When this is done the speedcam locations will be active.
7 Check Settings/Warnings has Speed Camera Warning enabled.

Note: conversion of speedcam files is time consuming especially in case of a large file.
During conversion an 'init warning messages' message is visible.
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