20 May 2010

MS HotFix for problem with 1 year recurrences synchronization (Pocket Outlook - ActiveSync - MS Outlook 2007)

I experiencing problem with Pocket Outlook and MS Outlook 2007 synchronization. Problem is that appointments which has recurrence set to 1 year like birthdays, anniversaries ... are correctly transferred from PC -> PDA (when edited by MS Outlook 2007), but when I made some modification to such appointments in PDA with Pocket Outlook (for example changing reminder time, name, ...) then after next synchronization when changes from PDA -> PC were sent the 1 year recurrence is changed to 12 years!!! And the worst and most frustrating thing is that when I synchronizing between two PCs then all appointments with such settings are changed from 1 year to 12 years!!!

Here is a hotfix that is supposed to fix the 12 year problem that has been driving me crazy:


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