23 January 2009

Nokia E51 firmware 300.34.56 changelog

Share online
  • Users can upload and share images to Nokia's Ovi or 3rd party services. Internet radio
  • User can stream Internet radio channels using packet data.
  • Mobile search enables user to search on the Internet using popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Replaces in- device search. User can also search in device for own content. Improved end user interface. Nokia email service


  • BMW and Audi BT carkit support added.

Other changes

  • White theme "Dots white" added

Updates, changes and improvements:

  • Setup Wizard
  • Updated Email set-up Wizard. The Wizard checks the availability of Nokia email service in the country in question. The service is visible only in the countries where service available, otherwise hidden.


  • Update to 2.0 version with better user interface and functionality.
  • Mail for exchange
  • Baseline update to version 2.7.22


  • Baseline Update
  • Stability fixes
  • SIP: Usability correction

Usability improvements

  • Bluetooth
  • Driver security update
  • Improved interoperability with 3rd party Bluetooth accessories
  • Stability improvement with headset
  • End user experience improvements
  • Nokia BH-903 correction

Security corrections

  • Messaging
  • MMS stability fix

SMS correction

  • Calendar / PIM

Contacts correction

  • User experience improvement
  • Calendar: printing correction
  • Office tools
  • Team Suite: Chinese PRC layout fix
  • Quick Office corrections
  • Backup & restore
  • Metadata restoration correction
  • Performance
  • Audio performance improvement
  • 3rd party application stability corrections
  • Telephony
  • Better conference call performance.
  • Nokia BH-604 usability correction

A2DP corrections

  • Nokia CK-20W correction
  • Spool icon correction
  • Voice call stability improvement
  • WLAN
  • WLAN usability correction
  • WLAN-SIM interoperability improvement

Stability fixes

  • Client that enables the use of Nokia Email service (push email) in the countries where it is available.
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