06 October 2004

Borland JBuilder 2005 on Java 5 - guide

There are several steps to make JB2005 run on JRE1.5rc, instead of using its default JRE1.4.

Firstly, modify JBUILDER\bin\jdk.config, as the following:
#javahome ../jdk1.4/
javahome C:/jdk1.5.0/

#addpath ../jdk1.4/lib/tools.jar
addpath C:/jdk1.5.0/lib/tools.jar
addpath apache.jar

vmparam -Dswing.aatext=true
Notice we have another apache.jar. This is because in JRE1.5 Sun has changed package org.apache.* to com.sun.org.apache.*.internal, which makes JB cannot find the appropriate package, and throw exceptions, which will stop JB's starting-up. Sun's solution is recoding the source, which ofcoz not works in our circumstance. So i extract J2RE1.4.2's rt.jar (in JRE1.4.2/lib), pull out org/apache/, and compress it to be apache.jar. Then i put it into JBUILDER/bin.
Now its time to launch JB on JRE1.5rc! Enjoy!

Another thing: due to the changes made in LandF part in Swing of JRE1.5rc, JB cannot use Windows LF. Instead, i use Borland LF. It's also nice enough for me! Hope somebody could fix this. Also i want to use JRE1.5's default LF in JB, because it is very convenient to view, at least much better than the 1.4's default Metal LF!
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