22 August 2017

LG G2 D802 - How to flash LineageOS custom ROM

To flash LG G2 D802 mobile phone with Lineage OS custom rom you must first root your phone and install TWRP Recovery with One Click ROOT+TWRP Recovery which you should download from XDA forum.

Before complete procedure you should also download these files:

Extract LGG2-D802-OneClickRootRecoveryV1.1.zip to one folder and open Command Prompt there.

Set your LG G2 to USB Debugging mode, plug in your phone’s USB cable and confirm USB connection on your phone.

Check if PC see your phone with > adb devices
You should see > device in list

Now, start OneClick_ROOT_RECOVERY.bat and follow instructions.

Procedure will root your phone and after that will be prompted message to press Ctrl-C to break root shell with N and Enter.

After that batch program will install TWRP and exit with restart phone in TWRP Recovery mode.

Then select Wipe > Advanced wipe and select all partitions and wipe them.

Now copy these files to phone with commands >\

  • adb push lineage-14.1-20170814-nightly-d802-signed.zip /sdcard
  • adb push open_gapps-arm-7.1-nano-20170818.zip /sdcard
  • adb push addonsu-14.1-arm-signed.zip /sdcard
  • adb push YahooWeatherProvider.apk /sdcard

After that in TWRP select to Install lineage, opengapps and addonsu. LineageOS setup will display some log errors and you just ignore them.

Now you should choose Restart and your phone will StartUp with freash and clean Lineage OS.

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